Terms for developers



It’s free to create a developer account for MacEggs store. It’s only for Apple developers building apps for macOS.


Only applications for macOS can be added to the store. A developer can easily add an app from MacEggs developer account. The new app will not appear immediately on the store. MacEggs moderation team will review it. Any app can be rejected if the quality is not compliant to Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

NOTE: If you are too busy working on your apps, we can add the products for you for free. You just need to create an account and contact us.


Developers can be paid any day after the fulfillment of an order. In fact, the developer can really select when he wants to be paid. We just automatically deduct our commission from the total of an order. A developer can be paid via a Stripe Account, a Paypal account or a US bank account from the MacEggs Developer dashboard. It’s a simple process. If you do not have a Stripe account, you can easily create one from your MacEggs developer dashboard. It’s a two minutes process. There is a huge benefit with Stripe: the payout is 100% automatic and processed in real time (no withdraw request needed). Stripe is not just a payment gateway, it’s a payment platform very powerful. Payouts with Stripe are much more simple.


The default commission for MacEggs is 9% per sale (as a reminder, Apple is taking 30%).  We are investing in marketing. It’s the cost for a better visibility of your products and more sales.


We can process a refund for customers but only for the next two days and only if the developer is not using Stripe for payouts. If an order is refunded, the order of the developer is automatically cancelled.


Taxes are not collected by MacEggs as the company is based in California and digital goods are exempted of any sale taxes. It’s the responsibility of the developer to pay other taxes based on the income made from MacEggs store.