Only the best Apps for Mac

Most Apple users use the Mac App Store to purchase apps. It’s simple but there are also a lot of frustrations for developers and customers.

The problems:

– Too many low quality products (80% of the content is really bad)
– Too many rules for developers (it’s becoming a nightmare for most apps)
– No discount for multiple licenses (it’s only for enterprise customers)
– Purchased apps are linked to an Apple ID (harder to install apps on some computers)
– Too many subscriptions (most customers hate it)

MacEggs is an alternative for Mac users and Apple developers

– High quality apps only: attention to details matters.
– Great user experience, multiple payments options.
– Developers can sell discounted licenses based on quantity.
– Developers are paid quickly, not waiting months for their income.
– Customers can purchase and install apps where they want it.
– No subscriptions, only owned licenses.
– Regular bundles offered: developers are free to participate or not.

MacEggs is built for picky users and talented developers!

MacEggs is created by MacVitamin.com
We have more than 15 years of experience of the Apple world.

Why such name?
Eggs are yummy and a symbol of life. It’s a good connection with the creativity of developers. The combination of Mac + Eggs made sense for us. Hope you like it as we do 🙂